Next trip goes to….?

We are meeting another volunteer who wants to introduce herselve. Let’s see who it is!

My name is Hana and I am a 26 years old Information science graudate from a beautiful town on the far east of Croatia – Osijek. I have a passion for reading, writing, communication and learning. HanaI can daydream a lot and live in my own world, or I can be down to earth and Spock-away with my rationalization. Whichever mode you find me in – I hope we will get along together!
Since before I was introduced to the term of volunteering I have been volunteering 🙂  As a child I started to travel around with the Movimento dei Focolare, which is where I have picked up what little Italian I know. This is where I’ve picked up the passion to visit new places and have dipped my feet in two oceans so far and tread on three continents.

Always on a lookout for a quality project, I stumbled accross Casa Netural via the European Solidarity Corps (everyone – rush to your  computers/laptops/smartphones and make a profile, you don’t want to miss out on all the opportunities it has to offer!). Since the initial contact, throughout several Skype calls and many e-mails I realized this is the project I want to be invovled in. Matera looked like a lovely city to spend a year in and, since my home town is so hard to leave as I love it so much, this was a big plus for me.
And being the European capital of culture is horribly cool in my book.
I try not to expect too much, however. I do not want to limit my experiences by trying to define them before they have started taking shape. What I hope for is that I will be able to do something  productive, where my skills (and we all have them) will be utilized well. And, perhaps, at the end of it feel proud of what we have done together. No less important than that, I hope to meet people thatwill influence me and help me learn and expand. The information that there is good food has reached me as well, and who dooes not love to eat and drink well! Hopefully I will pick up a new recipe or two, learn about the culture of the city, maybe learn the language enough to attend a good play or a concert –who knows. I am definitely looking forward to meeting you all there, and to writing the follow up to this text once I have already arrived!
See you soon 😀

casa netural

Read more information about Casa Netural project here:

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