Romania, present!

foto_ancaCiao a tutti!  My name is Anca and I was born 29 years ago in Timișoara, western Romania. It is the place where, at the end of that same year (1989), the revolution which would shake off the communist regime started. Somehow, I have always felt that the thirst for liberty and a rebellious restlessness lingered on in my psyche.

I am a seeker and a wanderer. My feet have walked many paths, my eyes have seen many places and realities, my heart has been touched by many people. Nowadays, I tend to look inwards more and more, with the motivation to know myself better. Thus, be wiser and kinder towards my own and all beings.

I appreciate authentic relating and am always happy to share a smile, a hug, an open-hearted conversation.

Having a background in humanistic studies, my interests include philosophy, psychology and spirituality. I am a lover of the arts, nature and everything that nurtures our souls and expands our consciousness. There is beauty and poetry in everything and everywhere and I try to cultivate the attention and child-like curiosity that have the power to reveal the magic of it all.

May we all light up the sun inside!

 Shine on, lovely people

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