La Bulgaria c’è

noraCiao a tutti! I’m Nora, 25 years old adventurous spirit. I come all the way from Bulgaria to rock the Sassi of Matera 🙂
My interests are very widespread and I’d define myself as a very open minded person who is constantly  looking for new challenges and experiences. Food is another thing that turns me on. I’m a big foodie. When I travel (which is another thing that keeps me alive) for me is crucial to taste the local food and drinks. This way I get better knowledge and taste for the local culture.
I’ve been thinking about doing an EVS the last few years but it’s been hard to find the project that perfectly suits me. Until last November when I saw the description of the volunteering opportunity at Fondazione Matera 2019. I am very much interested in Cultural management as is related to my studies and I’d like to turn it into career. So being involved all year long with cultural events seem like the right thing for me. Also I have special feeling for Italy. I’ve been studying the Italian language and culture at the University for Foreigners in Perugia for 8 months. During my voluntary service I hope to improve my Italian language, to understand better the local culture and to gain practical skills in the field of cultural management.

A presto amici 🙂

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