Serban from Cluj-Napoca


Weilà raga!
I’m Șerban, there are almost 26 years since i’ve been born in a lovely, quiet, small town in Bukovina, northern Romania, between snowy mountains and magical forrests.This is where i got my love for nature, hiking, geography, history, languages and sports.
Six years ago i moved to Cluj-Napoca, capital city of Transylvania region where i became  vampire. Well… Not really, because i like garlic. I use it in a lot of my amateur cook  dishes.
My almost exagerated curiousity drove me to journalism, which i studied and it raised my interests in stories, politics, policies and a deeper understanding of the society.
My volunteering work in AIESEC and the time spent in Italy and USA put me in an international context where my mind got cracked open, i’ve lost all my stereotypes and prejudices and i gained new perspectives on world and life from people from different cultures and backgrounds.
I’m very excited for the next year in Matera at MateraHub and the Europe Direct of Matera, and i’m looking forward to all the great experiences and awesome people i’m sure i’ll have and meet.
Make love, not war!

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