Meet Igli from Greece

I am an ordinary kid to whom Erasmus gave an extraordinary life.


Growing up, I did all the usual stuff a kid in a Greek seaside town would do. Go for swimming, biking and hiking on the hills , pretend knowing how to actually play football, spend countless hours shooting my friends on Call of Duty or occasionally on a paintball field and pass out by the beach on a stary night.

Then came university. As a Shipping and Trade student, I tried to balance studying and entertainment but always within the usual , until the moment i learned about Erasmus by joining the Erasmus Student Network Greece. At first my expectations weren’t particularly high, but in a few months my life changed completely. I ended up participating in a number of ESN events, Erasmus+ projects and studying a semester abroad in Spain. During this time I had amazing experiences with outstanding people who completely changed the way i view the world and my goals.

This journey now brought me in Matera, this time as a volunteer and i really can’t wait for the things to come.



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