One last goodbye to my Matera friends

Zoia is writing us. It’s been a while since I came back from Matera. Now I am at home, in Saint Petersburg. But first several days after my arrival were very strange, I couldn’t feel like it’s my home because I was really attached to my home in Matera.

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I just couldn’t believe that two months at some point became one moment, I didn’t even noticed how fast it was.

Being a part of the Human Capital project is a huge step for me. Before that I never lived abroad, never worked in an international team, never spoke English every day. The experience that I got now is so much valuable and I am very grateful for everything that I came through. I met so many wonderful people.

I will remember my second home forever: the elevator, Jesus pictures are everywhere and especially the outstanding view of Sassi from the balcony which I shared with Alex. In May I was upset because of rain, in June I was dying from the heat. I will remember my favorite supermarket! I wish I ate more Scamorza. But I ate a thousand panzerotti so I am not grieving.

One guy said to me that from this very moment my life will be splitted in two parts: before and after Matera. And I just can not disagree with that statement. Now I know that everything is possible.

I would like to say grazie to everyone who supported my journey: Birgit, Zane, Francesca; my amazing co-volunteers Alex, Joana and Asli; Simona (tell Shine that I miss her); Nora; Samuele and the Mammamiaaa project; Gianluca and his beautiful family — Vittoria, Giuseppe, Salvatore and Antonio; Alessandro and his parents (Alberto’s also in my heart); Francesco; Davide; Antonio; Nunzio; Rocio; Mariangela; all the long-term volunteers — Zoé, Pia, Anka, Ailen, Joseph, Mael, David, Naomi, Johannes, Serban and Lucie; the people from Fondazione; the Altamura office and its volunteers; the very friendly staff of Burbaca; the lovely lady from the Panzerotto store; my couchsurfer hosts Simone and Giulio and everyone else who I might forget.

I hope to be back in Matera quite soon and see you again!



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