How to say good bye?

How to say Arrivederci so many times?“, asks the 37th volunteer hosted in Human Capital 2019 in Matera this year. “Is it not difficult to see so many people arriving and leaving? Creating a connection and then, … all over?It is not easy to welcome people in your city, your organization, your environment, your life, your HOME and after a certain time, they leave. Without leaving anything.
NO! Every single person who joined this year, this special year, here in Matera as a European Volunteer, has left a piece of memory in our hearts. Has contributed to make this place a bit more Europe, not only for image, but for real. Everyone who has spend time here volunteering has connected with local people and changed their life and perspectives a little bit, make them understand what really means hosting in your own place, welcoming someone from another country, see, understanding the differences and accepting each person so as they are.

And the beautiful thing of Italian language is: A-ri-vederci. <To see you again>. This is all that counts.
In fact, after a bit more than one month, our beautiful Zoe who turned home on 12 September, is already back today to say “ci rivediamo!”

This is the emotions that count. This is the feelings that makes you work for and with volunteers coming from all over Europe to join for a certain time, learn and gain new competences, share knowledge and contribute to your mission. And then leave to continue their walk through life in another place of Europe. But feeling the piece of Matera’s memory always in their heart.

Grazie a tutti

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