Go your own way

Hi everybody! Ciao a tutti! My name is Claudia, I ́m nineteen years old and I will be staying in Matera for nine months due to my ESC placement for theassociation Tolbà. Being born and raised on a small farm on the countryside near the Austrian capital Vienna, I have lived a rather unproblematic and sheltered life so far.

claudia2After graduating from grammar school last summer, I decided to cut my own path, instead of rushing myself into a job I hate or studies I ́m not interested in.
Therefore I started working for the Austrian Red Cross, where I learned a lot, above all, how much every and each person can teach you and what a truly great feeling it is to conjure a smile on somebody ́s face. Afterwards, I began my Interrail trip through Europe– after winning the ticket via the DiscoverEU programme – which made me get to  know a lot about other cultures and people and made me appreciate all the opportunities and privileges the EU has to offer. This was also the moment I stumbled upon the European Solidarity Corps and decided to leave my ordinary life in Austria behind to live and work in Bella Italia, get to know new people, foreign places and cultures, while also being able to do something meaningful.
I hope to be a good addition to the team of Tolbà and aspire to make a positive impact
regarding the topics of immigration, diversity and solidarity.
I ́m looking forward to new experiences, friendships and the possibility of sharing and

Bis bald!

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