Buon Natale

Again here to tell you about our second Christmas dinner: the Italian dinner! Want to discover what the “chef” prepared? For this speacial Christmas, Luca and Ivan made different typical dishes from Italy!

As a starter, they chose to make: Pettole e Peperoni Cruschi fritti, here is the recipe:

Buy from the bakery some bread dough.
Keep the dough in a warm space (don’t really need to put it on a heat) to make it grow. When you see it became bigger volume and softer, take pieces of dough and throw it directly in the hot oil. Put the oil before on a low heating and it will take around 45 minutes to get the right temperature). When you take them out of the oil, put it on a absorber paper to make it less oily.

SALTY? You can add some salt but don’t put too much because it is already naturally a bit salty 🙂
OR SWEET? As a variant, you can do it for dessert with sugar powder.

As a first dish: Cannelloni al forno
As a second dish: Torta salata
As a dessert: Panettone

You can see the prepartion for a part of this Christmas italian dishes with this link: https://youtu.be/smll7hV8hlU Enjoy!

It was super good, thank you to Ivan who shares with us the recipes and BUON NATALE A TUTTI!

OOH, we forgot to mention: the whole dinner was vegan! Curious! Try it!

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