Marianne rejoint l’équipe

We are happy to present you a new team-member of our volunteers in Matera: Marianne Mairet. She will arrive on the beginning of February to stay for 9 months with Onyx Jazz Club.

Hello everyone! I am Marianne, a French girl who lives in France in Nancy. I studied the music in Conservatory during 15 years. It was like my second house! I studied the music (again) and art history at university because I visited a lot of museums when I was young and I like that. Until November I played the viola in an orchestre with some performances and I played the comedy in a theatre groupe.

During my free time, I spend time with my friends and my family, play video games, watch some movies and series and recently I have begun to paint. I love cats and nature and take them in picture.

If I wanted to do a SVE it is because I did a French civic service and I enjoyed this experience. I love Italy, I have been there three times. During my researches for SVE, I was interested in England, Italy and Scandinavian countries. When I have seen the Onyx project, I was very interested. I enjoy beginning new things and experiences. I want to learn new language and job, and discover another country. The sanitary situation could interfere the quality of project. Adapting to the language will be difficult at the beginning, but I am determined to work hard!See you soon!! A presto.

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