Soup Kitchen, la mensa dei poveri

I volontari fanno tante esperienze quando svolgono il loro servizio. Una di queste è la mensa dei poveri. In questo articolo Adeline e Madalina raccontano della loro esperienza nella Soup Kitchen. During a volunteering service a volunteering does various activities. One of these is the Soup Kitchen. In this article Adeline and Madalina talk about their impressione.

“What’s your plan on Sunday?” “Soup Kitchen!

When we got asked “Hey, do you want to help to prepare meals for families in need?”, the question had sounded like a new adventure in my volunteering experience. And I was right. 
What a warm atmosphere. All along the week, Monday to Sunday, the team make turns on their free time to manage all this set-up. And of course, always in a funny and easy-going mood. You can count on Emanuele, Raphaella, Carla, Giuseppe, Brunilde – to mention just a few-  to make you feel quickly part of the team.
You learn about Italian cooking while you practise the language. You can even catch locals’ expressions which makes the difference for future conversations. 😉  And of course, you learn about Life. They don’t talk about good values. They embody its, with a greatest humility. It’s essential to know these kinds of wonderful initiatives exist. And sharing its a maximum around us. To provide a greater support, but also to give hope – that people can do wonderful things together.
Especially in a context which drives people away.
And how to speak about Soup Kitchen without talking about Don Angelo. With his conviction, a sharing spirit and a big heart, he connects and bring people together. We can easily feel the nice synergy created between all the team. We all need a Don Angelo in our life’s! 
I wish to everyone to meet people like them and to live this kind of experience.

“Padre Pietro, do people come for the confession nowadays?” I asked, and Padre Pietro answered: “Of course my dear! They come, a lot, young and old, they need it, especially now.”

Living in times of Covid has changed a lot for each and every one of us, but so many people are affected in a way that we cannot even think about. For example, people who already struggled with poverty, people that are relying on others to get help. Like the people that come to Soup Kitchen for a warm meal. In the past years, before Covid, people would come to the church and enter the soup hall and receive a meal, for them and maybe for the other members of their family. In this way a community creates supporting each other, helping each other. 

In 2020, after corona virus started to spread, they decided to keep the kitchen open, they cooked and prepared packages for each family or person who used to come before and bring them home. In this way they can continue to provide food for the people, especially in this critical moment. 

We entered there as volunteers, as foreigners, but we were received with warmth and happiness. We put on the apron and next to Signora Mariolina, we started to chop onion, cut cheese and refill the packages for the people that will come for them. 
I found out that all the people there, are volunteers. They are people with jobs, we met a bus driver, a priest, so as a retired lady and they were there to help. And that is how I met padre Pietro, who gave me hope when he said that people are trying to be better, or at least this is what he feels when people come to the confession, which is more frequent this period. 

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