4th group WELCOME!

Last and least, arrived on beginning of September the 4th group of short-term volunteers. This time we have Leon from Germany, Eszter from Hungary, Andreu and Eva from Spain, Sandi from Romania e Marie from France. In the next days they are going to present themselfs in a creative way.

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Arrivederci a Mael e Zane

Incredibilmente veloce sono passati i 9 mesi di progetto di Mael e ancora più veloce i 6 mesi di progetto di Zane. Entrambi volontari di Human Capital 2019 con un esperienza indimenticabile a Matera, nella Capitale della Cultura 2019.

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Adventures in Italy of one Russian traveller

Our short term volunteer Gosha from Russia has his own blog where he is writing about his time abroad including his life in Matera. Here he would like to share some moments with you all.  The Russian speakers are invited to follow Gosha’s adventures on Russian social media – https:/vk.com/vpjlms  🙂

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