2020, new start

Year 2019, this special year for Matera, is over. BUT 2020 will be special too! WE WILL MAKE IT SPECIAL. The new volunteers who arrived in beginning of this year are Aran from Spain, Delyash from Russia, both for 2 months, and Sofia from Portugal who will stay for 6 months, all within the activities of Basilicata Link. See here pictures and read the report of their first days, and the On- Arrival Training.

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2020 is waiting for us

Basilicata Link has experienced a very intense year, thanks to all the emotions conveyed by many young people who have participated with us in the creation of Matera-Basilicata 2019, our European Capital of Culture, and the associative program in general. We thank all the members and participants of all the projects, all the volunteers who gave their energy and time, and believed in our mission. We are happy to have created many new collaborations and created many new projects and concrete ideas, to be put into practice in 2020. We are ready, are you? HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY 2020. Continue reading “2020 is waiting for us”


Serata tra amici, si può intitolare la serata trascorso questo mercoledì di Novembre presso la sede di Basilicata Link. Per la partenza di David, Anca e Joseph ci siamo riuniti per un Aperitivo, e mangiando cosine buone ci siamo raccontati/ricordati questi 365 giorni trascorsi insieme. Human Capital 2019 è esattamente questo, la vita vera, la costruzione di amicizie senza confini e barriere, onestà e relazione, impegno continuo per creare la coscienza di appartenere ad un Europa unita da un legame forte tra i suoi cittadini. Continue reading “Arrivederci”

Estzer presents herself!

Megérkeztem Materába

Néhányat pislogtam, és Olaszországban találtam magam. Szó szerint, mert elaludtam a repülőn felszállás közben Budapesten, és Bariban, landoláskor ébredtem fel. Onnan utaztam Materába, ahol már picit több mint egy hete élvezem a város vendégszeretetét.

I arrived in Matera
I blinked a few and found myself in Italy. Literally, because I fell asleep on a plane while taking off in Budapest and woke up in Bari, landing. From there I travelled to Matera, where for over a week I have enjoyed the hospitality of the city. Continue reading “Estzer presents herself!”