ESC Projects

In the frame of Erasmus+ projects of European Union, coordinated in Italy by the National Agency of Youth, Basilicata Link got approved the project “Human Capital” to host volunteers in Matera and Basilicata to run activities in the frame of Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture.
Still today Basilicata Link coordinates this hosting opportunities, and even some more. Please consult the website where you can find the updated information about vacancies.

Human Capital 2019 saw 16 longterm volunteers involved in the following local partner organizations:

Europe Direct Matera Since February 2018, the Europe Direct Center of Matera has been a window on Europe for institutions, schools, associations and for all the citizens of Matera and Basilicata. It actively promotes the public debate and the interest on the European Union, offering guidance and assistance to the whole community on programs, opportunities for financing and EU actions as well as improving information, adapting it to local and regional situations.

Fondazione Matera 2019 Our slogan is “Open Future”, representing a vision in which cultural production is participatory, horizontal, democratized. We run many projects in the field of art and culture according to a participatory approach, always involving different target groups of citizens as part of the working group from the very beginning and also involving European partners at different levels.

Onyx Jazz Club  The Onyx Jazz Club is a cultural association founded in 1985 with the aim of promoting and disseminating the jazz music culture in Matera and the local region.

UISP Matera The UISP (Italian Union Sport For All) is an association of social and sports promotion that aims to extend the right to sport for all citizens In 2018 the Uisp will turn 70 and its history tells that of our country, the value of rights and the Constitution. Sport for all is a social good that affects health, quality of life, integration, education and relationships between people, in all ages of life.

Casa Netural    Casa Netural is a coworking and co-living space, point of reference for social innovation in the South of Italy. It is an association with more than 100 people associates and many activities run day by day, from agriculture, to regenerations of building, teaching languages with non formal method, creation of artisanal products, family coworking. etc.

Tolbà The association Tolbà was created in 1992 in order to promote the wellbeing of immigrants who live in Matera, to promote initiatives to improve social relationships between foreigners and local people, initiatives of international solidarity, especially in the health and social sector, to offer temporary and long-term housing, to provide tools to get access to Italian social and sanitary facilities.

Basilicata Link  Also known as B-Link, is a youth organization created in 2012 with the aim of increasing intercultural initiatives and promoting non formal education methodologies in the Basilicata region. Main target group is youth and main objective is to stimulate them to participate and discover cultural differences in Europe thanks to mobility programmes and local actions during which we promote European values such as solidarity, living in peace and respecting diversity.