Peter is here!

My name Peter, I am 19 years old, from the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. Last year my twin sister also participated in a voluntary project in Altamura which is a beautiful town next to Matera. I am now in Matera to make a long-term project with Beccogiallo!

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Diamo il benvenuto a …

Ciao! Mi chiamo Irene. Piacere! I come from Madrid, Spain, and I am eighteen years old. I love discovering new places and meeting new people, so I am very excited to get to know the city of Matera, where I will be spending the next nine months. I also love any kind of creative stuff, such as art, music, theatre and fashion. One thing I am very passionate about, and to which I want to advocate my life, is human rights. 

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Human Capital 2019 is over. The two year long European Volunteer Service project has come to an end by July 2020; but all the spirit and energy the volunteers, the european citizens, brought to Matera is still here, and continues to grow. Just now we call it Future Beyond 2019.

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I segreti della produttività

La volontaria Marie Labarre si interroga su una questione molto interessante dando qualche dritta per chi ha delle difficoltà ad organizzare le giornate.
Produttività? È una parola che può fare paura. Possiamo pensare che la produttività è associato a velocità e stress.
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